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Franchise of the company Arenda Group.

… We would also like to take the apartments for rent with our site, but lack experience and do not know where to start? There is a small start-up capital, strong commitment, and choose between putting money in a bank deposit, and the opening of the business? Interested in the opportunity to do the prestigious, profitable business, rental of apartments with minimal investment for the franchise, under the famous brand ArendaGroup?

apartments on the franchise system

… Rental Company ArendaGroup – offers a unique opportunity in time to go to a popular, profitable niche, with the support of an experienced, successful, apartment rent market operator that uses the principle of franchising, and become the best in the city for the franchise. You get comprehensive knowledge of the conduct of the business of daily rent of apartments, personal website, job descriptions, internal documentation templates. Learn in practice, rent apartments, having an internship in one of the acting representative of daily rent of apartments, under the increasingly popular brand ArendaGroup. The high demand for the service of daily rent of apartments on the franchise system – assures you of getting a stable, monthly income of 500-3000 dollars, investing $ 25,000, with a payback period of your investment up to two years. Read more about the franchise, see our news nasutki.ua site, the information you specify the phone numbers listed in the contact or email us at e-mail.

We rent apartments and flats.

– We – the Company ArendaGroup involved in the delivery of apartments for rent, and hourly. We – are not intermediaries, all the apartments – one master, which excludes collect any additional charges for rental apartments.

– Terms of daily rent for all apartments – have the same standard of service. Living in one of the apartments for rent, selected on our website – you are entitled to the same facilities and services at any of the apartments, which guarantees you the absence of surprises and surprises of all kinds.

– We follow the politeness of staff, cleanliness and condition of our apartments that rented by the day, the availability of the necessary accessories and devices for the comfortable stay of the guest, such as wi-fi, kitchen utensils, air conditioning, bed linen, towels, etc. in a usable condition.

apartments for rent on the franchise

– We offer apartments for rent – on any budget, from the “Economy” – to the “Lux”, our prices correspond to the market, and often below them, you do not overpay, the quality of services remains at a consistently high level. Rent an apartment for rent, and hourly is possible on site,  pre-selecting from the drop-down list of cities available to the city. All laid out options for daily rent apartments are absolutely real, no photoshop, and a detailed description of what is in the apartment belong to us by right of ownership or are in a fiduciary capacity.

– Get detailed information about the rules of the lease of apartments, reporting documentation samples provided by the company “ ArendaGroup “, an apartment for rent payment methods, as well as promotions and discounts, booking and staying at an apartment for rent, or additional services and hourly rentals of apartments – it is possible on the relevant site pages

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