Payment rental apartments company Arenda Group

With pay apartments, any difficulties you will not have, below, we will offer all possible payment options!

1. Bank transfer.

Money to pay for the accommodation are transferred from the personal bank account with a payment order. If the call to the account is not desirable, payment can be made at the ticket office of any bank in cash, by simply specifying details of the beneficiary.

This is a simple and familiar way of payment for services, besides a small bank commission (1-1.5%), depending on the amount transferred.

Cashless paymentsIf necessary, provide reporting documents for accounting enterprises with subsequent payment by bank transfer of residence, you need to contact by phone with us to dis

cuss all the details, after which you will be billed to the following requisites:

Details for bank payments:
Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Recipient: SPDFL “Sikorsky Timur A.”
EDRPOU code: 2907805053
Account number: 2605315607
Card Number: 0626619700 – necessarily indicate the purpose of payment
Beneficiary Bank: UNDER Raiffeisen Bank “Aval”
Purpose of payment: “Prepayment for services of renting an apartment in accordance with the invoice number from … Without VAT …”

The advance payment for an apartment for rent through payment terminals 2. The advance payment for an apartment for rent through payment terminals Privatbank.Possible with any terminal Ibox (those with which swell phone bills, pay for Internet or TV services, rent, etc.). For this purpose it is necessary to choose the column “the completion of a credit card” and offered to perform a sequence of actions, including specify the payment amount (it you have to be agreed with our manager) and the recipient card number (16-digit). Make sure the correct number is entered, you can by checking appears on the screen, display the name and number privatbankovskoy card recipient, with the following text.

Cheque payment is desirable to be in possession at the time of settlement (to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings).

Bank details for payment in the self-service terminal
Recipient: Sikorsky Timur A.
Name of bank: PrivatBank
Card number: 5168 7556 1661 4935
Payment: Privat replenishment card account.

3. Cash payment for the accommodation.

Cash for accommodationAccommodation at the apartment, you can pay cash at the settlement date. Also, the company Arenda Groups, provides reporting documentation for your accounting.

4. Bank Transfer.

If desired, the payment for the apartment can be made and loved by many, convenient and safe way – with a credit card. To do this, provided the use of our managers portable banking terminal directly to the apartment. Payment for the apartment mapAfter removing money from the card, you will have the living into the accounting documentation to rent apartments.

5. Payment via instant money transfer system.

Spread out among the foreign guests renting an apartment, payment option – instant money transfer, which is produced through a globally recognized American company Western Union system – one of the remittances market leaders or through PrivatBank system – PrivatMoney (analogue Western Union), supported by more than 100 countries.

Western Union PrivatMoney


6. Electronic online-payment through private-24 system.

private-24 system.Convenient payment method apartments for a day with your phone, or from the comfort of home, right from your home computer. The enumeration is carried out directly on the card PrivatBank, on the above details on the name of Sikorsky T. A.

*** It should be borne in mind that the final cost of daily rent apartments may vary, t. To. Depends on the number of tenants and rental purposes.


Author: Сикорский Т.А.

Published: May 28, 2015