Available apartaments.
The numbers on the labels correspond to the number of rooms of the apartment dayly.
Employed apartaments.

Franchise, apartments for rent in Ukraine.

The company "Rent Group" offers to rent apartments on the franchise system on the entire territory Ukriana. As of 2016 - we are the first to distribute any proven experience and time-established franchise system in the business of daily rent apartments.

Franchise for daily rent apartments - a perspective, prestigious area, which will help you become a successful entrepreneur in your area as soon as possible. Stable interest of the population to the service of daily rent, will enable you to quickly gain a foothold in this market using the franchise model of the development of the company "Rent Group".

Becoming a partner of the company "Rent Group" in the direction of daily rent apartments, and using the principle of providing our franchise, you get your own personal website, job descriptions Business internal documentation templates. Also, you will be able to do an internship in one of the branches of "Rent Group", in practice, learn all the subtleties of working with an apartment for rent.

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