In this article, we briefly review the stages of the origin and development of the daily rent apartments. And now - a small excursion into the history of the development of business daily rent. Hotels and short term rent, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, did not immediately took to the stage of active development. For a long time this business existed in the enclosed space of limited circle of people, due to lack of information about it, and the existing stereotype of large investments.

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For those who read the first time our news franchise apartment rent, be sure to view the previous article and the next, which can be found in the category News Franchises posted on the company website ArendaGroup, for better perception of a complete picture of the market of daily rent apartments. This article will look at perhaps the most important aspect of any business - its profitability and revenue structure.

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My name Sikorsky Timur, I'm doing the delivery for rent apartments in Kiev and promotion areas, "Apartments for rent" in other cities of Ukraine, according to the franchise system since 2006. I am the owner of the company «Arenda-Group». If you are reading this article, I hope that you are already familiar with the previous two (analysis and cost of apartment rent), laid out in the "News Franchises" on the website of the company «Arenda-Group», as this is a continuation of the text. It turns out that we have with you, there is one common interest - namely, you want to take apartments for rent, and I can help you become a successful owner of this business in the franchise rights. But let us all - in order.

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If you choose not to create a business from scratch and buy a franchise, it does not mean that you have got rid of most of the trouble. To be a successful choice to answer a few questions about LETA franchise.

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Franchising - is a very convenient way to start a business. In fact, do not have to create anything from scratch - from novice businessman in his hands and is already well-known brand, and proven technologies, and even finished version of clearance.

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